Zadie Martin Ducts Roots Teal Honey Butterfly Brickworks Brickworks Creepy Hi Jeremy! Fire Marshalls Street Walker Light Crowd When the moon hits your eye Dundas Breathe Spin Junction wall BCE Place Waiting Riley Riley Boxes Overgrown Lantern Clothing TV TV TV Pool Ontario Ontario Ontario Ontario Foundry Stairs Horseshoe Mike Curtains Blue Jays Ash Hidden Mushrooms More Mushrooms Tent Algonquin Beach Fire Pete Office Legault Thumb Carwash Church Door Roof Under the Counter The Counter Missing Empty Sink area Waddya Have? Lights Monitor Merch Wall Outside Lee's Chapter's Second Floor Chapter's Ceiling Sit Ubu!! Chapter's Stagefront Chapter's Backstage Opera House Sam's Sam's Sam's

2006 Simone Fried simone at nextdoornoise dot ca